Meet Big, Bold & Brave, the 90-day guided journey that unleashes your happiness — so you can make big things happen.

Kim Strobel is a nationally-recognized motivational keynote speaker who has inspired audiences across the country.


Girlfriend, let’s get after it.

Because you’re too damn vibrant to be a shrinking violet, and no one puts your boldness in a corner.

Being a woman who wants more is scary. Trust me — I know.

We’re constantly smacked across the face with all these messages of being too loud, too smart, too social, too ambitious, too big, too soft, too gutsy, too lively, too much. Instead, we’re told to play it small, safe, and palatable.

(Um. Barf.) Can I let you in on a little secret?

Playing small is never the point, and we’re here to squeeze every last drop of bliss from this life.

With the Big, Bold, & Brave 90-day journey, nothing is impossible, and your too muchness is exactly enough.

“She Finds Joy took my joy work to a whole new level. ‘Crazy happy’ days are happening on a regular basis, and some are leaving me breathless!”

“What I didn’t expect was how deep I would dive into issues that I had been avoiding, and then the power I had within me to address and release them! It’s a work in progress, but now I have the tools and support to go forward and sparkle. Thank you, Kim. You’ve changed my life!”

So lay it on me, Sister Friend. What do you want more of?

(And you can always be totally honest with me. No ask is too big for you & your life.)

“I’ve learned how to show up in a BIG way. I was nervous to put the money into it, but I’m so glad I did, and I will not hesitate again when it comes to investing in myself!”

“I have learned how to create a vision for the big dreams I can now achieve. This program showed me that I often play small in my life. Now I know what I put out comes back to me...and I’ve learned how to show up in a BIG way. Learning how to attract abundance, including money, was HUGE for me. My life will forever be changed by this. I’m so glad I invested in myself!”


No matter what you want more of, it’s yours for the taking.

All you’ve got to do is decide that you deserve it.

Here’s the thing: If you want to live bigger, it’s time to really focus on your own happiness.

Yes, even if you have kiddos.

The more you invest time & energy in yourself, the more you’ll have to give back to your fam. This create one really incredible positive feedback loop for everyone.

Yes, even if it feels a little selfish.

It’s not. Trust me. You are your own most precious asset. Treat yourself like it.

And yes, even if you can’t remember the last time you let yourself think about your wildest dreams.

You know the ones — the big, sparkling, sexy ones that freak you out and seem out of reach.

When you make yourself a real priority, you unlock what’s really possible.

Big, Bold, & Brave is a 90-day journey that helps you recognize your full power & reach for more.

When our 90 days have wrapped up, you’ll have:

💗Realized that huge dreams are totally within your reach (and what the hell those dreams look like for you).

💗Revealed & owned talents you never even knew you had.

💗Repaired your relationship with money, so making more cash feels easy & natural without sucking your soul dry.

💗Created opportunities that continually blow your mind.

💗Strengthened the s*&t out of the relationships that matter most to you.

💗Built a sturdy, sustainable bridge to your ambition so you can take action and see true transformation in how you show up.

💗Experienced major mindset shifts, a new level of confidence, and a renewed sense of belonging & purpose on the planet.

“I’m growing in lots of ways. Kim, you also gave me the push to launch my email list for design clients!”

“I thought I had my gratitude practice on lock, but I found out there was a lot of room for growth! I ‘get to’ instead of ‘I have to’ goes a looooong way. I’m finding myself being grateful for the ‘mundane things’ in my life now.”


I know this program works because it’s how I’ve transformed my own life.

(It’s also the same teachings used by Tony Robbins, Jen Sincero, Oprah Winfrey & Jim Carrey, and Tim Ferriss — just to name a few.)

I’m Kim, and I went from being a girl who allowed her panic disorder to keep her isolated and afraid — to a nationally-recognized speaker who presents to audiences of thousands.

(Like, in the past I couldn’t drive to Wal-Mart because of my anxiety. The struggle was real.)

I went from barely scraping by on meager wages for a job that drained my life force, exhausted my energy, and dulled my shine — to commanding $7,000 an hour to do world-changing work I deeeeeeeply love.

And I went from feeling ashamed, embarrassed, dim & discouraged — to waking up every damn day excited to be ME.

I’m someone who’s seen the dark, and still found a way to live fully in my blindingly bright light, using the exact same strategies I’ll teach you in our 90 days together.

I know you have some incredibly powerful gems hidden inside you, and together we’re going to unleash their power so you can live on purpose.

That untapped potential in your soul is exactly what the world has been waiting for.

We’ve all been waiting for you.

“My business dreams are coming true!”

“I applied for a Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator program right before I attended your course. You helped me really focus on what I wanted in life and to see it, say it, feel it, and believe it. And guess what? In March I found out not only was I accepted to this program, but they are paying for it all! I’ve launched my own business, I’m my own boss, and my business dreams are coming true!”


Here’s the exact curriculum breakdown of what you’ll master in 3 months — that’ll change your life for the next 30 years.

Weekly Video Teachings • Interactive Workbooks • Group Coaching Calls • Private Facebook Group.

Set the Foundation of Your Limitless Future

Module #1: Learn the Science of Happiness
Value of $497

We’ve been raised to think that if we check all the “right” boxes, we’ll finally be happy. But as it turns out, external success doesn’t lead to internal happiness. Instead, it’s that internal happiness leads to lots of external success.

Module #2: Create the Happiness Habits That Matter Most
Value of $497

Master the systems & rituals that are proven to boost your happiness levels and overall life satisfaction by 40%. Together, we brainstorm ways to build these habits seamlessly into your day-to-day so you stick with it.

Module #3: Peel Back That Sneaky Self-Doubt
Value of $497

Let’s get you out of your own way! Taking a serious look at the scarcity mindset you’re holding onto, we start shifting the way you see yourself so you can show up in bigger, bolder, braver ways. (Everyone wins when you show up.)

Step Fully Into Your Power & Unlock What’s Possible

Module #4: Heal Your Money Mindset
Value of $497

Money is just a form of energy, but holy hell, Girlfriend — that energy can get messed up. During this module, we deep dive into your history with money and the stories you’ve told yourself that are blocking real abundance from coming your way.

Module #5: Transform Your Negative Beliefs
Value of $497

The negative things you tell yourself become actions, actions become habits, and habits become your reality. We all have these B.S. thoughts that play on loop, so let’s debunk those lies once and for all. The end result? You finally realize all the big, sexy things you’re capable of.

Module #6: Face Your Fears & Raise Your Potential
Value of $497

Fear and anxiety are such assholes, aren’t they? Being afraid of what might happen holds us back from seeing what can happen. This module is all about staring the scary stuff in the face — and realizing it’s actually not that terrifying at all. We build that unshakeable sense of courage for everything you do moving forward.

Module #7: Embrace Your Flawesome Self
Value of $497

When we lean into who we are, the real magic starts to ignite. We zero in on your incredible worthiness, leave the pressure of perfection behind you in the dust, and finally take the weight off your shoulders that you’re not enough. You’re SO enough. It’s pretty outrageous how enough you truly are.

Make a Plan to Live Your Purpose — On Purpose

Module #8: Figure Out What You Really Want
Value of $497

Pinpoint your greatest strengths, identify what you truly care about, and zero in on your zone of genius. We create a vision for your life that’s completely aligned with what you want. And when you’re aligned, the Universe gets behind you to make those dreams a tangible reality.

Module #9: Open Yourself Up to Big Opportunities
Value of $497

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but you’re still not sure exactly what it means or how it works. We spend this module really getting our hands dirty in all things Attraction. Even if you’ve studied up a little bit, this is the ultimate crash course in support from the Universe.

Module #10: Get Way More of the Great Stuff in Life
Value of $497

Now that you know exactly what the Law of Attraction is, we make a master plan for applying it to your own life. The goal is to get you living so aligned with yourself that you wake up every day wanting to pinch yourself. (And no, this isn’t a dream. Your life really CAN feel that good.)

Because your success matters most to me, so there are lots of bonuses included.

Bonus #1: Access to Everything for a Full Year
Value of $297

From our calls together to course notes, you’ll have full unlimited access to all the materials for an entire year. Just in case you ever need a refresher or reminder, it’ll all be there waiting for you.

Bonus #2: Support From Other Powerhouse Women Like You
Value of $197

The She Finds Joy private Facebook group is a warm, open meeting place for women just like you — the strong, vibrant forces who know they want more from their lives. You’re never (ever) in this alone.

Bonus #3: Happy Hour Group Coaching Calls
Value of $13,500

Every other week, hop on a group call with me and your other She Finds Joy go-getters to ask any questions about what we’ve learned, get encouragement from our stellar group, and head into the next module feeling confident & grounded.

Bonus #4: Extra Workshops From a Group of Guest Coaches Who Really Know Their Stuff
Value of $9,000

Every other week, hop on a group call with me and your other She Finds Joy go-getters to ask any questions about what we’ve learned, get encouragement from our stellar group, and head into the next module feeling confident & grounded.

Genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum, which is why I’ve brought in a huge array of people who’re experts in their wildly different fields.

Sara Dean is sharing knowledge about how to live bigger & bolder as a mom and a woman.

Kira Sabin is talking relationships and dating in ways that help you really connect.

Danielle Savory speaks on sex, neuroscience, and the mind/body connection.

Rachel Rodgers (my previous business coach) is teaching on how to create a business & make money.

Jamila Hume helps with changing your mindset around health, fitness, and nutrition.

Susan Hyatt debunks the whole diet industry and is here to talk about transforming your body by adding more pleasure into your life.

By the end of these bonus workshops, you’ll have a whole big picture of what’s truly possible -- in every single area of your life.

You can’t really put a price on finally getting what you want out of life, but this 90-day journey has a value of over $29,000.

I hear all the time that I should be charging $30k for this, but I’ve priced it way lower on purpose so that more people can tap into their potential.

If I were to sell each of these video workshops individually — along with all the supportive materials — it would clock in at that $30k mark. But because I'm bundling it up, I'm able to deliver the same guidance at a massive fraction of the cost.

After all, watching you set your spark ablaze is what drives me in my life, and I want to help as many women as possible.

Which of these paths feel most powerful for you?

There just might be a few massive bonuses for the first powerhouse women who register, but you’ll have to send the application to find out...😉

(I know, I know. The suspense is terrible, but what can I say? I L-O-V-E a good surprise.)

Can I get really real for a sec? This program is application-only.

Not because it’s for only the select elite, or any of that other B.S.

It’s because I want to make sure that this is the very best fit for you, and that these 90 days can truly change your life. I’m here to make real transformation happen for you, so you can unleash your gifts out into the world.

If you’re feeling called to take charge of your feelings & your future, take 10 minutes and tell me more about who you are and where you’re at right now in life. If you’re a good fit (and I’m a good fit for you), we’ll hop on a call to dig deeper.

I know this is an investment in yourself, and I want you to imagine what it would be like if you woke up every day feeling

💗SO head-over-heels in love with who you are — yes, even with your flaws, slip-ups, or “bad” days.

💗Excited to see what the day will bring you, because you can handle anything (and are ready for everything).

💗Completely confident in what you want out of life, and being able to name those big dreams clearly.

💗Relaxed and grounded in the choices you make moving forward, so anxiety goes way down, and joy goes way UP.

💗Purposeful and focused about what comes next in your journey.

💗Like you truly belong on this planet, with all of these other incredible people.

💗Totally capable of going after what you want — while attracting success pretty damn easily.

💗Astonished & floored by the amount of wins you’ve been able to rack up, because when you’re aligned with yourself and the Universe, anything is possible, girl.

Would you ask for the raise?

Start a business that makes you more moneeeeey?

Sign up for that 5k race?

Connect with people in real, deep ways?

Start spending summers in Italy (like one of my past clients)?

You can finally stop just dreaming of MORE. Because now you reach reach out and grab it.

This is an investment that will change your life for good.

There just might be a few massive bonuses for the first powerhouse women who register, but you’ll have to tell me about yourself in the application, first. 😉

(I don’t want people to sign up just because it’s a great deal. I want them to sign up because it’s the perfect fit. There’s a big difference.)

“I attracted a better job and I make WAY more money than I ever thought possible.”

““Taking Kim’s course has enabled me to expand my dreams and taught me how to ‘act as if’ to attract my dreams. I’ve already attracted the first thing off my vision board. I attracted a better job and I make WAY more money than I ever thought possible.”

Questions? I’ve got you.

  1. Why is it application only?

    I know this is a sizeable investment in yourself, so I want to make sure it’s the perfect fit for where you’re at in life. When you fill out an application, it helps me get to know you better from the get-go so we can decide together if these 90 days together can truly make you happier and more successful longerm. It’s always about making sure you get the most from this program as humanly possible.

  2. How long is the program?

    This is a 90-day journey together. Or in other words, it’s 3 months that can wildly improve the next 30 years of your life. After the course wraps up, you’ll be welcomed into the Alumni Group so you can stay connected (and accountable) with the incredible other women who are doing this work, too.

  3. Am I selfish if I do this?

    Not even a little bit. (I promise.) The research clearly shows when you have a coach, your success goes through the roof. We’re always spending money (think: soccer, baseball, art camp, fancy coffee, Netflix & Hulu). Why is it so much easier to drive around the $50,000 SUV, but not invest $5,000 in changing your future? Because we’ve been conditioned to think we don’t deserve it.

    News flash: YOU DESERVE THE WORLD. And you absolutely deserve the time & cash investment it takes to get the real results & transform the way you feel, work, and see the world.

  4. Are there payment plans available?

    Absolutely. We'll talk all about this on our call once you send in your quick application.

    And there might be some incredible bonuses for the first early birds, but you’ll have to book a call to find out...😉

  5. What’s the cancellation and refund policy like?

    You can read all about it right over here.

  6. What’s the format of the course?

    Great question, girl.

    For the traditional program, it’s a blend of weekly video teachings (there are 4 or 5 videos per module), an interactive workbook that helps you process the material & do some self-reflection, bonus lessons from a group of hand-picked expert coaches, guided meditations with playlists & inspiration, a private Facebook group, and 9 group coaching calls where we can deep dive into any questions. You’re equipped with support from every single angle as we all cheer you on.

    The VIP experience delivers everything listed above, plus six 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with me that help you dig in even deeper.

    It’s all been carefully created to erase any overwhelm, and guide you through in totally manageable bite-sized pieces.

  7. Is it self-paced, or guided?

    Do you think I’d throw you into the deep end alone? Hell no! This is a course that’s lead in real-time by me. We’ll work through the modules week by week, making sure there’s enough time between lessons for you to practice the things we’ve learned, and start implementing them in your day-to-day life. I’m here for you every step of the way.

As soon as you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life, the whole world cracks wide open as it waits for your magic. Over our 90 days together, I’ll guide you through figuring out who you truly are (the really good stuff), what you want from life, and how to attract it so easily that you’ll wonder why the hell you waited this long. Change your stories & put yourself back in charge.

Find your ferocious JOY.

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